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It would please us...
to have your party or dinner here at Kommandoergaarden. A party can not be undone, therefore we will do our utmost to make your party something special. We suggest that you can have a chat with our restaurant manager over a cup of coffee, so we can schedule your particular celebration.
Tablecloths and napkins:
We can provide tablecloths and napkins in nearly any desired color. At any visit you are welcome to see our color card etc.
 Music to the party
As entertainment we recommend our regular house bands consisting of both solos and duos. Prices from approx. DKK. 4.200,- to approx. DKK 10.000,-
Table Decorations
If you have any special requests regarding table decorations we can also arrange this. You are also welcome to bring your own decorations. This makes the table more personal and in line with your specific wishes. Of course we can also decorate with floral decorations for a small surcharge.
 Table Setting
The tables can be placed in many different ways, depending on your choice of room, eg:
  • A horseshoe with 2 or 3 arms
  • Small tables with 8 people - 2 on each site
  • Long tables
We think of the children...
Children are always welcome here at Kommandoergaarden. On the 2. floor we have a festive childrens table with lego, games and many other things. There is also the opportunity to play table tennis and pool. We love to decorate a special childrens table, and serve childrens meals. If children sits at the adult table and are under the age of 12, we charge you only half price and children under 4 years are free of charge.

Min. number of people
All menus are arranged only at a min. of 20 persons. At fewer participants we allow us to calculate 20 people.

All these dishes can be carried or delivered by a min. of 20 people. At delivery (only on Roemoe) there is a fee of DKK 395,-