Great experiences with dragons and windsport on the beach on Rømø

When you get over the dibe, you are surprised by the greatness of Sønderstrand. 10 km² of hard, flat sand, created for wind sports. It is not only a Mecca for wind sports enthusiasts, but is also one of the best places in the world to try wind sports for the first time.

Beach sailor

Blokart road rules
The rules for the blockart road have been drawn up to minimise the risk of accidents and injuries. Be sure to understand and use the following rules.

    1. Always wear the seat belt, helmet and eye protection at all times.
    2. To stop the block species, drive directly into the wind and release the rope
    3. If you are about to turn around, release the rope (you can also combine it with turning in the wind).
    4. Always steer to the right if you are moving forward towards another person.
    5. In general, you should always give way to your right.
    6. Stay ready when you topple over and always turn left.
    7. Always turn against the wind, never turn with the wind in your back
    8. Do not make sudden moves or turns when you are overtaken.
    9. Check behind you before making any changes in direction.
    10. Use a hand signal if you intend to turn or stop.
    11. When turning a marker or flag, do not pass on other inside or 'cut them off'.
    12. Secure your block species securely when you're not using it by flipping it on its side.