50) Pizza Margarita with cheese and cherry tomato DKK 125,-/ € 17.30
       Pizza Margaritha my Cherry Tomato &käse
       Pizza Margaritha with Cherry tomatoes & cheese

51) Pizza Vesuvio with ham, cheese and tomato DKK 139,-/ € 19.70
       Pizza Vesuvio my Tomato, Käse und Schinken
       Pizza Vesuvio with tomatoes, cheese and ham

52) Pizza Hawaii with tomato, cheese ham and pineapple DKK 145,-/ € 20
       Pizza Hawaii my Tomato, Käse, Schinken und Pineapple
       Pizza Hawaii with tomatoes, him, cheese and pineapple

53) Pizza Mafioso with Tomato, Cheese, Ham, Salami, Bacon,
         cocktail sausages, onion chilli and Oregano DKK 150,-/ € 21

       Pizza Mafioso mit Tomato, Käse, Schinken, Salami, Schinken, Miniwürstchen,
          Zwiebeln, Chili, Oregano
       Pizza Mafioso with tomatoes, cheese, ham, salami, bacon, sausage, onions, chili, oregano

54) Pizza Vegetariania DKK 135,-/ € 18.60
       VegetarianIsche Pizza
       Vegetarian pizza

55) Pizza Fruitto di Mare DKK 155,-/ € 21.50
       Pizza mit Meeresfrüchten
       Pizza with seafood

56) Pizza blue cheese, bacon and apple DKK 155,-/ € 21.50
       Pizza mit Blauschimmelkäse, Bacon und Äpfeln
       Pizza with blue cheese, bacon and apples

When the pizza comes out of the oven sprinkled with our tasty oil with Italian spice mixture.
Wenn die Pizza aus dem Ofen kommt wird sie mit leckerem Öl und Kräutern bestreut.
After baking our pizzas will be garnished with oil and herbs