Day trips for experienced riders


Butcher's Bench & Sea Sand

4 hour beach trip! We ride north up the beach along the North Sea and through the beautiful dunes on the way home. 

During the break, where you can also have a drink, you can take off your saddle and go for a swim with the horses, so remember to bring your swimsuit.

  • Price per person DKK 665,-

Rømø half-day tour

Experience our 5-hour tour on the back of our amazing Icelanders as we trop off across northern Europe's widest beach and ride in quick gallop along the firebreak!

The tour goes first by small cozy dirt roads before entering Vråby Plantation. Here, if you keep your eyes open, you can see deer grazing and looking at us as we truff past. We gallop off the field roads and stride through the dunes before arriving at Sønderstrand. From here we moth over the beach, perhaps with a little gallop, before riding into the next duvet. From here we reach the water, where we take a fresh gallop in the soft sand, so the pace can be kept relaxed and steady. Here the wind is felt in the hair and the rush in the stomach of anyone who loves riding. We follow the prilen around and ride over on the other side of this, where we continue a long distance along the water's edge in both step, throde and gallop. We reach Lakolk, the island's beach town, where we take the saddles off the horses and take a lunch break and have a good time. After lunch, we saddle the horses up again and ride along The Small People's Road and over a field into the fire belt, where we take another fresh gallop, and ride into Kirkeby Plantation along fun winding forest trails and through moorland areas, enjoying the lovely smell of the forest. We ride towards Vråby Plantation from where we started, and back along dirt roads.

Experience unique nature on horseback


8 hours / 41/2 hours riding

As if Rømø does not have enough beautiful nature to offer, Mandø is no more than a large stone's throw north of Rømø. No more than 35 inhabitants live here, so here you can expect peace and quiet in large quantities.

Here we have a small farm, which we call Mandøgården. With this base, it gives us countless opportunities to explore the neighboring island of Mandø on horseback.

With this tour it is only possible to get the exact meeting time one to two days before, as we have to study tidal tables and graphs to plan the trip so we don't get too wet.

On our Mandøtur we start in the stable, where we are assigned the horses to be loaded and the equipment must be packed. From here we drive, with the horses in the trailer, to Vester Vedsted, where we saddle the horses up and ride off. It is also possible to meet us directly in Vester Vedsted by appointment.

We follow the lonely dead trees which mark the old Ebbevej, which leads us across the bottom of the sea to Mandø. This old, historic road is not suitable for cars, so it is easy to have to yourself.

The tide is counting. Therefore, it is important to get ridden around the island before the water rises again. If we don't make it, it could be a good swim! At too high water we ride on the new Ebbevej called Låningsvej, where cars are also allowed to drive. Rain pants and rubber boots are recommended, even if it doesn't rain.

When we get all the way over there and ride across the dike you can see the whole island around from the top. We ride along the diet through the moors and beach and also through Mandø's only town, Mandø Town. After the field paths we end up at Mandøgården where we have some lunch and enjoy the peace one last time, before riding out again across Ebbevejen, back to Vester Vedsted, and then the trip home to Rømø again.

You have to drive to Vester Vedsted yourself, otherwise there is a fee of 150,- to drive with us.


71/2 hours / 31/2 hours riding

Want to experience some of Denmark's most unique and pristine nature on horseback?  Then you're going with us to Koresand. Here you can experience sand escape, priler, seals, a rich bird life, watering holes and not a single tourist or car!

We meet in the stable to get the horses distributed and prepared. Then it's aboard the trailer and then the tour goes to our farm on Mandø. From here we ride through the city, over the dike and out on koresand, of course timed by the tide.

Koresand is a approx. 24 km2. large sandbank in the Wadden Sea southwest of Mandø. The area is also called the Wet Desert, and for good reason. There's sand as far as the eye can see. If you get far enough out, you can see no land or water. Despite the fact that Koresand gets bigger and bigger as time goes on, there are no planting or fixed dunes, as the whole area is still covered by the sea during the storm. It is an amazing freedom to ride in steps, moths and gallops across the flat sand, with the feeling that one can persist in infinity. On the tour there is great opportunity to meet the area's only occupant. 

Plenty of space, all-round seas, good views and no people, it makes Koresand the perfect place to be for hundreds of seals as well as thousands of birds.

After about 31/2 hours of riding we end up back at Mandøgården, where we eat some sandwiches together. Then we pack the horses back together and drive home to Kommandørgården. Here we feed the horses, let them out on the fold and say thank you for today.

You have to drive to Mandø yourself, otherwise there is a fee of 150,- to drive with us.

 Politiken wrote about our Romo and Mandøture !

"On the back of Frosty, the heart beats faster: With adrenaline in your blood and foam splashes on your face, it gallops through the Wadden Sea

From the horseback we spot mussels and oysters, and the slender tall trees show the route, Ebbevejen, through the sea from the mainland to the small island. We breathe the fresh sea scent of the North Sea. "Here you can see how high the water reaches when it is high tide," says Mathilde Hjort, pointing to a mark about 2 meters above sea level. Twice a day, the road to Mandø is flooded, so we must both get over and home again before the water comes." #EVA HOLTEGAARD-KASLER

Children 4-11 years – 10% discount

Hotel and Camping guests - 5% discount

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