Your riding experience

Weight policy

Weigh more than 95 kg. please inform us of this so that we are aware of it for by handing out horses. On our Icelandic horses we have a weight limit of 110 kg. If you weigh more, you have the opportunity to get a ride on our cute shire horse Natalie.

We have divided our tours into four levels so that everyone has an opportunity to get a ride that fits exactly to their level and desires.

Red trips is for experienced riders. Here is the requirement that one is able to ride in gallop on tour without any problems. We expect that you are able to saddle up yourself (of course we are there to help) and that you have a minimum of 2 years of ride experience.

Orange trip is a middle way between red and blue turn. One requirement for this trip is that you must have been successful in riding in a quiet gallop.  The trip will take place at a calm, relaxed pace all the way at a walk, trot and gallop. Typically, beginners end up with an orange ride after ridden blue several times (in high season)

Blue trips are for beginners. We will not expect you to have any kind of experience. However, please be aware that we will will trot and tælt on the trip so you should be comfortable with this. Only if everyone is on board might we take a slow gallop.

Green tour- also called "Wadden Sea and Teaching", is for total beginners – especially suitable for nervous riders or for children. If you are not able to hold a rein and control yourself, you stand to have one with you to pull the horse on the ride.

riding without a guide

Due to bad experiences with wild rides on our horses without a guide, we have set the following restrictions, which must be signed before riding. You have to be very experienced.

We must have checked with you before and we must have accepted you as a solo rider. You can ride only on the route provided. We decide which horses (not the fast ones). Only medium tempo gallops can be ridden on the beach. The horse must not come back steamy and sweaty – you must have the step for a minimum of 10 minutes.

Otherwise, you'll have to go on one of our planned trips.


We have both guides from Denmark, Germany and many other countries. All our guides speak English, but we can't promise that all guides speak Danish.