Største delen af vores rideheste er til salg. Fordelen ved at finde din nye makker hos Kommandørgården er, at du ved at hesten er vandt til det hele! Vi rider ude i naturen med dem alle sammen hele tiden og ved hvordan hver hest reagere på tingene. Vores heste er ikke trænet op til konkurrencer, men ud over at der er lagt vægt på sindet, er en god tølt også et stort fokuspunkt i vores avl. Sammentidtig kan du være sikker på at en hest fra Kommandørgården vil bære dig igennem alle former for natur. 

I er altid velkommen til at kontakte os med spørgsmål til hestene.

Her finder i vores prisliste med vejledene priser på hestene.

Salgsliste 2018

1) Hrönn fra Kommandørgården (2001) ♀

FEIF Nr. DK2001206250

Mother: Swàs fra syõugili Father: Vængur fra engiýri

Large, quiet and powerful mare with spacious gaits. The legs are best for short tours, but she can carry both large and small riders. She is always on diet. Special characteristics: Large and robust, black with a tiny white star on her forehead.

Price: 40.000 DKK

3) Flenna fra Kommandørgården (2004) ♀

FEIF Nr. DK2004206853

Mother: Gusa fra blåkærskov Father: Glóblesi fra sauðárkróki

Large, quiet and powerful mare with spacious gaits. The legs are best for short tours, but she can carry both large and small riders. She is always on diet. Special characteristics: Large and robust, black with a tiny white star on her forehead.

Price: 25.000 DKK

4) Punktur fra Kommandørgården (2005) ♂

FEIF Nr. DK2005101790

Mother: Sæla fra Gilsfjarõarmúla Father: Glóblesi fra sauðárkróki

Large, stable and very calm gelding, with a great mind. When you first find his button, he can easily come up in a fresh tempo, but he must be asked to do it, because he wants to be sure that, his rider is with him all the way. Special characteristics: Tall and long-legged, T-shaped white blaze in his head.

Price: 75.000 DKK

5) Tigull fra Kommandørgården (2006) ♂

FEIF Nr. DK2006107800

Mother: Gusa fra blåkærskov Father: Glóblesi fra sauðárkróki

4 completely seperated and soft gaits, especially loved for his soft tølt. Extremely guiet gelding who like to go in the back of the group, but can go in the front with a good rider.
Special characteristics: Light mane, white star on the forehead, kind eyes, often clap with his lips, small white spot on the left side of his neck.

Price: 75.000 DKK

7) Sörli fra Kommandørgården  (2008) ♂

FEIF Nr. DK2008106725

Mother: Tølta fra Kommandørgården Father: Hænir (Oddur) frá Oddsstöðum I

Charm, confidence and great hair! Late castrated gelding who is very quite and reliable. He has all gaits and is a pleasure to ride. Prefers to trot, but also has a lot of tølt which is very amazing once you find the right button.
Special characteristics: Black as the night, huge hair, white star on his forehead.

Price: 78.000 DKK

9) Silja fra Herredsholm (2001) ♀

FEIF Nr. DK2001204709

Mother: Kátina fra Vinkærgård Father: Eilifur fra Faksemosen

One of the farms smallest horses, who follows the group in the middle of the line, especially with chiildren and small riders on the back. She invented her own Silja-gait – we call it tølop, a mixture of tølt and galop, which is very comfortable to sit in. Special characteristics: Short legs, lots of hair – it is just before you don’t see her head because of all the hair.

Price: 34.000 DKK

10) Gleði fra Kommandørgården (2003) ♀

FEIF Nr. DK2003206570

Mother: Lipurtá fra vestri-leirárgöõum Father: Gassi fra vorsabæ II

She always takes good care of herself and her rider. You have to be a little bit good to find the tølt since would prefer to trot. A lovely mare who always follows the group. Special characteristics: Silver hair, unique red/brown fur that is not seen on the other horses on the on paddock, white blaze in the head.

Price: 35.000 DKK

11) Vaka fra Viberg (1999) ♀

FEIF Nr. DK1999206806

Mother: Björt fra Lækjarbakka Father: Vængur fra engimýri

A tall mare with a little bit weak legs. Her job is therefore short tours and she especially have lighter rider on the back. She may seem a bit reserved on the paddock, but as soon as you get her in hands, she is extremely kind. Special characteristics: Tall and long-legged, white blaze can be spotted in her light head if you have good eyes.

Price: 28.000 DKK

12) Fila frá Flugumýri (1995) ♀

FEIF Nr. IS1995258601

Mother: Ferja fra flugumýri Father: Kveikur frá Miðsitju

An older mare who has bred super fine riding horses. We picked her up on Island and still remember the freshly baked bread we got for breakfast. Amazing mare who always follow the group and deserves a calm hand.
Special characteristics: Flat back, “barrel”-shaped stomach, slight tendency for summer eczema.

Price: 30.000 DKK

13) Sandala fra Kommandørgården (2008) ♀

Green pass

Mother: Hekla fra Fanø Father: Logi fra Kommandørgården

Fresh mare who faithfully follows the group. She may seem a bit rushed, but takes very good care of her rider. Goes in tølt, but is also mixing especially at high speed. Special characteristics: Almost orange colored, small white hair all over her body, ruffled hair, white star on her forehead and small white hairs going down to the muzzle.

Price: 25.000 DKK

14) Draumfari fra Kommandørgården (2013

FEIF Nr. DE422.220091613 

Mother: Freja fra tyltagergard Father: Logi fra Kommandørgården

Nice gelding very relaxed with a nice temperament and a nice tølt.   

Price: 65.000 DKK

15) Romeo fra Kommandørgården (2013) ♂

FEIF Nr. DK2009101362

Mother: Tölta fra Kommandørgården Father: Logi fra Kommandørgården

Very relaxed and calm !! The tølt is still a little bit hard, but it will come for sure because of his wonderful parents.

Price: 70.000 DKK

16) Silfurgeisli fra Kommandørgården (2009) ♂

FEIF Nr. DK2009101364

Mother: Gusa fra blåkæskov Father: Stigur vom störtal

The guides or the good riders soft tølter. He is rarely going with tourists, because you need experience and control over your body. He is easily frightened and needs support, but if you can handle it, you have a very good horse.
Special characteristics: Brown body, white star on his forehead, 4 white legs and white tail.

Price: 40.000 DKK

17) Engill fra Kommandørgården (2009) ♂

Mother: Tølta fra Komandørgården Father: Stígur vom Störtal

The name means angel, and this word describes him best. Born as an angel, during breaking in he was an angel, always an angel. Even though the other horses left the field one midnight when the fence was down, our Angell stayed and waited for us to get him the next day. Special characteristics: Long-legged, Small knob at his right eye.

Price: 85.000 DKK

18) Kristin fra Kommandørgården (2011) ♀

FEIF Nr. DE2011222105

Mother: Flugsæl fra Kommandørgården  Father: Logi fra Kommandørgården

She was not the easiest horse from the beginning, since she was very unsure of herself. Now she has found herself and is an amazingly calm and loving small horse, who is fast becoming popular, especially between the female riders. Special characteristics: Small, white blaze – can be mistaken for Fjödur-ung, who has a more narrow blaze.

Price: 45.000 DKK

19) Bokki fra Kommandørgården (2008

FEIF Nr. DK2008106722

Mother: Svás fra syöra-skörõugili Father: Hænir (Oddur) frá Oddsstöðum I

A big and mighty fellow. Despite this he is a sweet and reliable guy, who prefers to be in the front. Tølts in all speeds and is the tourists absolutely favorite horse. Special characteristics: Large and long-legged, well-set neck – can be mistaken for Vikingur, who is more robustly built.

Price: 85.000 DKK

20) Gandur fra Kommandørgården (2008

FEIF Nr. DK2008108023

Mother: Gusa fra blåkærskov Father: Hænir (Oddur) frá Oddsstöðum I

Magical loner, who is almost always seen alone. Therfore he also follows the group in his own speed. He has clean gaits og is the childrens favorite. Special characteristics: Small and short-legged, round-bellied, slim white blaze which is a little skewed and looks like a magic wand.

Price: 60.000 DKK

21) Fina fra Kistrup (2002

FEIF Nr. DK2002205242

Mother: Stjarna fra Godthåb Father: Smellur fra Hvolsvelli

A small bright and incredibly strong mare, who prefers to tølt all the time. Trot is seen extremely rare and it is not always easy to get her to leave the tølt when the other riders gallop. Special characteristics: Small, dark-red, “poof”-forehead hair, big white almost heart-shaped star on her forehead

Price: 35.000 DKK

23) Rökkvi fra Kommandørgården (2004) ♂

FEIF Nr. DK2004106856

Mother: Dama fra skáney Father: Týr vom Rappenhof

Calm big gelding that takes good care of his rider. Importent information !! Rökkvi is allergic to hay!! Special characteristics: Long-legged, slim body, small white hairs between all the black on his head and body, very straight backbone, afro hair.

Price: 37.000 DKK

25) Hugljúf fra Kommandørgården (2010

FEIF Nr. DE2010222853

Mother: Elska fra Kommandørgården Father: Logi fra Kommandørgården

A large girl with good lift and beatiful movements. She is loving and will do everything to please her rider. She is looking at the surroundings, but is quite calm. Special characteristics: Large and long-legged, slightly rough and large head, ruffled hair.

Price: 60.000 DKK

26) Thor fra Kommandørgården (2005

FEIF Nr. DK2005101783

Mother: Lipurtá fra vestri-leirárgörõum Father: Glóblesi fra sauðárkróki

A gelding who likes to be among the front. His is easy in tølt and trot is rarely seen. Expert in pulling of his own frontshoes while riding if he goes to much pass, so grab the rain and tølt. Special characteristics: Blond mane and tail, wide white blaze which has a small notch up on his left side of the head.

Price: 45.000 DKK

27) Emma fra Kommandørgården (2004

FEIF Nr. DK2004206855

Mother: Næla fra skanõi Father: Gassi fra vorsabæ II

She is eager, but fortunately also controllable. She does not have the strongest legs, and therefore takes only shorter tous. But still she can easily go fast an loves a good gallop. Special characteristics: Short mane, short and ruffled forelock – can be mistaken for Isabella, who is darker in the head.

Price: 30.000 DKK

28) Kraftur fra Kommandørgården (2006

FEIF Nr. DK2006107799

Mother: Gjóla fra syõra-skörõugili Father: Glóblesi fra sauðárkróki

He is an amazing gelding who both have lovely movements and strong legs. He has a good will, but is always controllable.
Special characteristics: Dark-red, wide white blaze which has small white hair on the sides.

Price: 65.000 DKK

29) Fjödur fra Kommandørgården (2011

FEIF Nr. DE2011222080

Mother: Fina fra Kistrup Father: Logi fra Kommandørgården

Price: 40.000 DKK

33) Ástsæl fra Kommandørgården (2012

FEIF Nr. DE2012222056

Mother: Sæla frá Gilsfjarðarmúla Father: Hænir (Oddur) frá Oddsstöðum I

Sweet mare who is doing what ever you want. You can even put a child on her and the can take a gallop on the beach together.

Price: 65.000 DKK

35) Kveikja fra Kommandørgården (2006

FEIF Nr. DK2006206280

Mother: Vaka fra viberg Father: Glitnir (Andri) frá Stóra-Hofi

Kveijka is bright. She is a tall mare with all 5 gaits – the challange is to get the clean tølt forward. She has a lot of pass and therefore mixes a lot in tølt. However, she has an amazing energy and willingness to work, so show us that you can.
Special characteristics: Large and long-legged, long face, kind eyes.

Price: 40.000 DKK

37) Elinga fra Kommandørgården (2012

FEIF Nr. DE2012222055

Mother: Gjóla frá Syðra-Skörðugili Father: Hænir (Oddur) frá Oddsstöðum I

Price: 70.000 DKK

38) Blessa fra Kommandørgården (2004

FEIF Nr. DK2004206851

Mother: Vaka fra viberg Father: Glóblesi fra sauðárkróki

She may seem a bit reserved on the paddock, but once you have her in your hands she is very loving and stable. She can be ridden be almost anyone and follows the group well.
Special characteristics: Dark-red, white blaze on the head which starts wide on the forehead and gets mores slim down over the muzzle – Often she turns around and go away when she sees the halter, which she associates with hard work.

Price: 45.000 DKK

39) Einfari fra Kommandørgården (2011) ♂

FEIF Nr. DE2011122098

Mother: Perla fra Bjarnastöðum Father: Logi fra Kommandørgården

Big gelding. He was easy to work with. He has great movements, like his mother Perla I her younger days.
Special characteristics: Tall, oreange-red with small white hairs all over his body, big white uneven blaze in his head.

Price: 55.000 DKK

40) Brellir fra Kommandørgården (2004) ♂

FEIF Nr. DK2004106858

Mother: Birdna fra Kommandørgården Father: Gassi fra vorsabæ II

Sport-horse with the high lift and the bent neck. He is very willing and loving, and has clean gaits. He likes to trot, but have lots og tølt also.
Special characteristics: Small, well-set neck, short forelock, white star on his forehead.

Price: 55.000 DKK

41) Jökull fra Kommandørgården (2010) ♂

FEIF Nr. DE2010122854

Mother: Pila vom Steinadlerhorf Father: Logi fra Kommandørgården

Quiet and very stable gelding for the discerning rider. The tølt is just ahead – clean and soft. The gallop is spacious and easy to follow. One of the tourist’s favorite horses.
Special characteristics: Long-legged, slim face, a few white hair on his left thigh.

Price: 78.000 DKK

42) Funi fra Kommandørgården (2011) ♂

FEIF Nr. DE2011122078

Mother: Sæla frá Gilsfjarðarmúla Father: Logi fra Kommandørgården

Quite young gelding with the most beautilfuil movements. During trainin he was a bit of a troublemaker, but he is now settled in well as a ridinghorse, and has achived status as one of the tourists favorite horses. Special characteristics: Long-legged, wide white blaze that pulls slightly to the right side of his head.

Price: 78.000 DKK

43) Stjarni fra Kommandørgården (2005) ♂

FEIF Nr. DK2005106905

Mother: Elska fra Kommandørgården Father: Glóblesi fra sauðárkróki

The leaderhorse who ran himself to death, if the rider demanded it. He has lots of tølt and willingness. He requires a very experienced rider who does not hang on the rain. Special characteristics: Large hair where the top part falls to his left side and the bottom part falls to the right side, white star on his forehead.

Price: 45.000 DKK

44) Isabella fra Kommandørgården (2007


Mother: Birdna fra kommandørgården Father: Logi fra Kommandørgården


45) Eldur fra Kommandørgården (2011

FEIF Nr. DK2004206855

Mother: Gjóla frá Syðra-Skö Father: Logi fra Kommandørgården


Price: xxxx DKK

46) Freyja fra Tyltagergård  (1999 

FEIF Nr. DK2004206855

Mother: Næla fra skanõi Father: Gassi fra vorsabæ II

Price: xxxx DK

47) Fala fra Kommandørgården (2008


Mother: Lipurtá fra vestri-leirárgörõum Father: Hænir (Oddur) frá Oddsstöðum I

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