Beach sailing on Rømø

When you get over the dibe, you are surprised by the greatness of Sønderstrand. 10 km² of hard, flat sand, created for wind sports. It is not only a Mecca for wind sports enthusiasts, but is also one of the best places in the world to try wind sports for the first time.

Beach sailor

Can be canceled in case of bad weather (too little or too much wind) or when the beach is flooded, but at least the day before.

We recommend that you also keep an eye on the wind and weather conditions and at least the day before contacting the landlord to confirm the time. The landlord cannot be responsible for the activity being cancelled due to bad weather.

However, a total cancellation fee of DKK 250 will always be settled

Broken equipment.

If parts of the beach sailor are destroyed, the tenant may claim compensation.

Dragons and windsport on the water

Kite surfing is a water sport where the practitioner uses a small sailboard with foot straps and fin, which is dragged through the water by the force of a steerable free-flying dragon. The sailor controls the dragon with one or more dragon lines (usually four) which are led from the dragon down to a short boom in which the sailor holds using a so-called trapezoid.

Wind surfing is a sport that involves sailing on a board with the wind as propulsion, using a single sail. It is important for the surfer to catch the wind in the sail and thus get in the propulsion.

WindsurfingS frothy sea