Outdoor activities at the Kommandørgården



  • 1 hour riding DKK 295,-

    Ride on the back of a cute Icelandic horse through the forest and on fields and dirt roads.

  • 2 hours of riding DKK 395,-

    Ride on the back of a cute Icelandic horse through the forest, heath and field roads or through the dunes and on northern Europe's widest beach.

  • 3 hours riding DKK 525,-

    Ride on the back of a cute Icelandic horse on northern Europe's widest beach. Can be combined in summer with swimming.


Horse riding trips

  • Rømø half-day tour DKK from DKK 695,-

    Ride through the beach meadow, along the North Sea and from there through Kirkeby Plantation over to the old fire belt and Vråby Plantation.

  • Mandøtur DKK 1.245,-

    Race the tide to and from Mandø, where you ride around the island and you ride the Denmark desert Koresand. Number of people: 5-24


Combined riding & horse-drawn carriage ride

One half rides while the other half makes the journey through the plantation in a horse-drawn carriage. You meet in the forest for a shared break where coffee/beer/water and small sandwiches are served).
Number of people: 9-50

  • 2.5 hours DKK 255,-

    per person only in a horse-drawn carriage

  • 2.5 hours DKK 495,-

    per rider combining with carriage and riding

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Beach sailing

Fly over northern Europe's widest beach on a 3 wheeled carriage.
Number of people: 6 - 8
Location: Sønderstrand

  • 2 hours DKK from DKK 595,-

    Fly across the beach on a 3 wheeled cart. The technique is taught in 10 minutes. Along the way there are small competitions. The hotel has 4 blokarts but we can rent extra.



The exercises require cooperation, coordination and a little luck. Arranged by 6-50 people between 09.00 – 20.00 at Sønderstrand or on a meadow facing the Wadden Sea.

  • 2 hours DKK from DKK 175,-

    Who puts the fastest draw up and who keeps it the furthest in the air. Along the way there are exercises for which points are awarded.



  • on foot DKK from DKK 175,-

    Various tasks are solved on foot in Rømø's beautiful nature, which are either targeted to your theme or which are more general around Rømø. Number of people: 16-100

  • on horseback DKK from DKK 495,-

    Just like on foot, however, the tasks are solved on horseback and they are more common around Rømø and the Icelandic horse. Number of people: 10-50


Wadden Sea Tour

The guide takes you out into the Wadden Sea and talks about the rhythms of the sea and its wildlife. Go to the lick and try to keep your balance – we guarantee exercise to the laughing muscles.
Number of people: 12-70

  • 1 hour DKK 150,-

Oyster picking

  • 1.5 hours DKK from DKK 245,-

    Head out to the oyster bank in the Wadden Sea, where you can pick fresh oysters and enjoy them naturel. Number of people: 20-70

  • 3.5 - 4 hours DKK 450,-

    Fill them with oysters. Going to our Saloon just 50 meters from the Wadden Sea. Washes, opens and makes oysters in 4 different ways under instruction. We make Italian oysters, spinach gratinated, pango deep-fried and oyster naturel. For bubbly. Number of people: 12-60


Landrovertur on Beach

Head out onto the 4 km wide beach and get a really good feeling that you are driving on the widest beach of northern Europe. We have two land overs, one 7 pers. And 11 pers.

  • Sønderstrand DKK from DKK 195,-

Indoor activities at Kommandørgården


Solve a murder

Play Detective: One of the hotel guests has been murdered. Examine the crime scene, question the witnesses and find the killer. Duration approx. 2.5 - 3 hours, slightly depending on the number of participants. 
Number of people: 15-50

Base price $4,500,- plus a person price.

  • Person price DKK from DKK 245,-


South West Country Club showcases the American lineances for the nicest country music. With few simple instructions, students will soon be able to learn how to dance and enjoy the community.

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Pamper body and soul with some lovely relaxing massages and beauty treatments. You can freely use saunas, steam baths, tepidarium, pool. We can arrange massages for approx. 8 people per hour. And we serve fruit and herbal tea.

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Themed parties at Kommandørgården


Western music puts you in the right mood while everyone puts the cowboy hat on. The room is decorated with hay stacks at the corners, cowboy hats and wanted posters. On the menu e.g. barbeque, baked beans, spare ribs, corn cobs, baked potatoes, strong chilli sauce... Possibility of visit by South West Country Club, which will show linedance. Start your Western party with a horseback ride that cowboys who don't want to be on horseback can follow the "horse-drawn carriage".

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Viking feast

After a horse riding on the Viking horse "the Icelandic" it is offered mead. In our lumber hut Saloon Antanas, a lovely Viking dinner with full-bodied soup, whole-roast suckling pig with various salads and pancakes is served for dessert. In the evening, you can entertain with various Vikingelege and games: Archery, runting, the giant slingshot ... Everyone gets a Viking helmet during the party.

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Gala party

Kommandørgården offers the right setting for a gala. We have a cozy hall – perfect for serving a delicious gala dinner with candlelight. A large banquet hall – perfect for party dancing. Competent employees who will do their utmost to ensure that your evening is worthy of a queen. All you have to do is put on a dress and white, enjoy the welcome drink and the canapes, and enjoy a great evening in the company of your colleagues.

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You don't have to go to Munich to hold a company party in true Oktoberfest fashion. Huge beer, delicious German sausage specialities, beautiful Tyrolean music, waiters in lederhosen and of course the famous German beer maidens will ensure an unforgettable evening in their dirndl's. The room is festively decorated, so all the course participants will experience the real German Oktoberfest atmosphere and have an unforgettable evening.

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Team building

Natural Leadership

• Team building with nature opens introverted people
• If you love nature, you are ready to learn from the
• Team building in nature is like business and today customers
• Nature speaks to everyone
• Team building with nature forces you to leave the comfort zone
• Team building in nature is unique

Management with horses

Exciting and different management course, where the participant is trained in personal management in cooperation with the teacher and the Icelandic horses. When people work with horses, man leads the horse. In many situations, the tools in this leadership are the same as those used on humans.
The only difference is that you can't talk to the horse: you have to communicate through body language and intuition. Based on "horses
wiser principles".

horses on fold