We have a Naturrideskole on Rømø at Kommandørgården with Icelandic horses, where we focus on making it fun to ride. Riding is a "healthy" and "fun" sport – far from the screen and close to nature and not least stress-reducing. 

Riding is not only for girls, but also for boys and girls love it when there are boys with.


  • Miniput DKK 200,-

    the very small between 3-6 years

  • Children's teams DKK 250,-

    7-12 years

  • Adult DKK 300,-

The first riding class is free for new riders. 20% is given on horse back rides throughout the year and every other Sunday of each month 50% is given on horse back rides. Tours can only be booked the day before or on the day itself. In order to be allowed to ride during the month in question, a valid receipt must be presented on the first Thursday of each month, which is available at the reception of the hotel.
Payment can be made in the following ways: Payment is made by bank transfer to account: 
Danske Bank: 4597 3231579206 
or at the reception of the Hotel Kommandørgården.
When using bank transfer or Mobile Pay, enter the listing box: The child's name and the month you pay for. 
We have a Facebook page where information is posted:  Click here

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by email: hest@kommandoergaarden.dk

Security for us. On all saddles we only use safety fasteners with elastic. We've seen bad luck with regular hangers and we don't want that again. Helmet and rainwear can be borrowed. We ride in all weathers... also snowy weather. In winter, our horses get winter shoes on with mordax.