Your expectations for the tour


Remember we are dealing with live animals! 
All riding and riding with our horses is at your own risk!
Accidents can happen, but fortunately this rarely happens!

When the horses are saddled up, they may become frightened or uneasy. Therefore, in rare cases, the horse may step over its feet. 

There is no guarantee for either a trot or a gallop. The outcome of your ride depends not only on the horse but also on the rider and the circumstances. Even if the trip is interrupted because you get scared or fall off, we cannot refund money. We also cannot refund if the horse is lazy and does not want to ride at the pace you want. Horses are living animals, 1 ride is great and 1 other can be miserable. That's the way it is. We can only cancel the horse again. On an extremely rare occasion we may not have enough horses, as some horses have fallen ill. Here you will be offered an alternative trip or money back. The times for the tours are approx. times. Unfortunately, it may take longer to prepare a trip than the 45 minutes as planned. So please have some time to spare.

We ride in all weathers:

The trip will not be cancelled due to rain and snow. We have rainwear and rubber boots to borrow.

If the weather is impossible to ride in, in case of storm or too high water level, a different riding route is planned. If it is too dangerous to ride out, the ride, in cooperation with the guest, is moved to another date.


To take a guided tour we have a minimum number of riders required. In low season we reserve the right to change the date and time of your ride if you book a ride for less than 3 riders and no other riders book the same ride.