We are accessible and become more year after year. We have arranged 2 large hotel apartments for disabled people. However, there are some disabled people who prefer our romantic rooms as this is a large room.  

In the shower there are handles and a chair. We can raise the bed. If you need a special bed, your home care worker can arrange for it to be made up before your arrival. We also have extra equipment for the toilet seat so it can be raised too. The doors are about 1 m wide. On the ground floor there is a terrace facing north and south and we will put up a small ramp so you can easily cross the steps. Half of all our rooms are in the living room.


  Can be brought for 195,- per stay/dog.

Hotel rooms

Hotel room

25 m² room prepared for 2 people

Hotel Room Romantic

Romantically decorated hotel room 25 m² for 2 people

Hotel room Superior

30m² hotel room

Hotel room with Pool View

25m² studio for 3 people


Studio East 30

Studio Wadden Sea View 35

Studio Wadden Sea view 25 m2

Studio South 35

35m² studio with a terrace for 4 people


Apartment West Balcony 35m²

35m² apartment for 4 people

Apartment South Balcony 40m²

40m² apartment for 5 people

Apartment South Balcony 45

45m² apartment for 6 people

Apartment South Terasse 45

45m² apartment for 6 people


Family apartment 85m²

85m² apartment for 6 people



Wadden Sea Huts

The cottages have a lovely balcony and covered terrace

Round-the-clock cabins

The cottages with 17 m² terrace with garden furniture

Tiny House

Primitive Camping Cabin. The cabin is from ca. 1985 


Cottage Oasis

Holiday home for 6 people

Granny's Guesthouse

Guesthouse for 6 people

Sleeps a total of 22 people on Mandø