We are handicap accessible and become even more, year after year. We have arranged 2 large hotel apartments for disabled people. However, there are some disabled people who prefer our romantic rooms as this is a large room.  

In the shower there are handles and a chair. We can raise the bed. If you need a special bed, your caregiver may arrange it before your arrival. Additionally, we have equipement to raise the toilet seat aswell. The doors have a width approximating 1 m in width. The ground floor has a terrace facing the north and south. We can place a ramp by the entrance. Approximately half our rooms are on the groundfloor.


  There is a surcharge of 195,- per stay/dog.

Hotel rooms

Hotel room

25 m² room prepared for 2 people

Hotel Room Romantic

Romantically decorated hotel room 25 m² for 2 people

Hotel room Superior

30m² hotel room

Hotel room with Pool View

25m² studio for 3 people


Studio East 30m²

Studio Wadden Sea View 35m²

Studio Wadden Sea view 25 m2

Studio South 35m²

35m² studio with a terrace for 4 people


Apartment West Balcony 35m²

35m² apartment for 4 people

Apartment South Balcony 40m²

40m² apartment for 5 people

Apartment South Balcony 45m²

45m² apartment for 6 people

Apartment South Terasse 45m²

45m² apartment for 6 people


Family apartment 85m²

85m² apartment for 6 people



Wadden Sea Huts

The cottages have a lovely balcony and covered terrace

Round log cabins

The cottages with 17 m² terrace with garden furniture

Tiny House

Primitive Camping Cabin. The cabin is from ca. 1985 


Summerhouse Oasis

Holiday home for 6 people

Granny's Guesthouse

Guesthouse for 6 people

A total of 22 people can sleep on Mandø