Rømø Attractions

Rømø Church
Open Tuesday - Friday from 8:00 to 16:00. A very cozy church with low ceilings, many beautiful church ships and quite a few hat hooks.


National Museum Kommandørgården
Here you can see Kommandørgården from the old days when the commanders were wealthy people who could afford to build big houses. Today, the courtyard is a museum under the National Museum.

Denmark's smallest and oldest school, Toftum
The school was used from 1784 to 1874 and sometimes accommodated up to 40 children. The teacher was always an old Commander.


Harvest mountain
The view from the three dunes, Harvest Mountain,
Spidsbjerg and Stagebjerg are worth a trip. Here you can climb Rømø's highest mountain – a total of 19 metres.

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Attractions in Tønder Municipality

Wadden sea
It is located just off the Wadden Sea, which is Denmark's largest, flattest and wettest National Park. But the Wadden Sea is not only unique in Denmark – it has world heritage status.

NPV Rømø from the air - photo Tandrup Naturfilm

Schackenborg Castle
All year round, unique experiences await at Schackenborg Castle. Explore centuries of history, take a guided tour of the beautiful castle park or visit the old horse stable, where an exciting visitor centre is built. 

schackenborg castle

Wadden Garden Centre
Through misc. exhibitions, films, hands on projects, activities and guided tours, knowledge and understanding of
wadden sea, its rich wildlife and marsh.


Attractions Other

Naturgewalten Sylt
Discover the interactive museum & gain an understanding of the forces of nature in a fun and educational way – also in Danish. See also Here


Viking Museum in Ribe
See the reconstructed Viking ruins in its natural size and get an insight into how things were then.

Ribe VikingCenter

Ribe is a town in south-west Jutland and was previously formally part of the South Jutland enclaves that belonged to the kingdom. Ribe is Denmark's oldest city.

Ribe Å