Events & Links

Tulip Party
Biggest party of the year in Ribe

Tølt on the beach
Event event 'just for fun' on Sønderstrand on Rømø.

Romo Beach Jump 
Denmark's biggest jumping course – and again with dressage!

Rømø Motor Festival
Danish history of race on the beach

Tønder Festival
Experience the atmosphere of Barrels and the many artists with roots in folk, country, blues, americana, cajun and world music

Dragon Festival
 Lakolk Beach, Rømø

Ribe and Tønder
Inspiration for experiences and holidays in Ribe

Rømø is a natural pearl, the island is one of the wading sea islands off the danish west coast.

The German island of Sylt
 Although Sylt is not a large island, here is all the heart can desire.

Guide Rømø
The 9 km long Rømø dam leads directly to the Wadden Sea's largest island with a completely different nature than we are used to from the mainland.

Nature Centre Tønnisgård
Tønnisgård is a nature centre that has a new and exciting way about Rømø's formation, the movement of tides, the dike, whaling and much more.