Welcome to Kommandoergaarden's Icelandic Horse Center

Past the hotel and through the campsite, cottages and the summer playgound, you'll see our Icelandic Horse Centre where we keep 120 fantastic Icelandic horses, eager to take you around Rømø 's, Mandøs and Kore sands nature. 

We offer several guided hacks daily – through the forest or on the beach - catering for beginners and experienced riders alike on trips ranging from 1- 5 hours.

Whether you're looking to try riding for the first time or taking part in extended horse riding holiday, we have plenty of options ensuring that you will take part in some unforgettable nature experiences on the back of a four legged friend!

Quick Reference Card

Here is an overview of the Icelandic Horse Centre's stables.

1) Entrance

2) Main building (equestrian lounge, Tack room, toilet, bar)

3) Strigleplads

4) East stables

5) West stables

6) Vallakfold 

7) Bouncfold

8) Pony and donkey fold

9) Riding hall

10) Mucking out


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