• Rider - 25 min. DKK 395,-

    Feet, legs, lower back, or hands, arms, neck

Classic Massage

  • 25 min / 55 min DKK 395,- / 595,-

    Deep tissue massage - we release your tension and care for your skin.

Sports massage

  • 25 min DKK 395,-

    Powerful grips stimulate your musculature right down to the deepest tissue layers.

Anti Stress Massage

  • 25 min DKK 395,-

    Lovely relaxing facial, shoulder, decolletage, neck and scalp massage. Good for headaches and tension in the neck.


Bamboo Massage

  • 25 min DKK 395,-
  • 55 min DKK 595,-

    The combination of classic massage and the hollow, organic bamboo tubes helps to release knots and tension. The bamboo tube is rolled over the muscle, which is kneaded and softened, helping to improve circulation.


Welldhara Massage

  • 25 min DKK 395,-
  • 55 min DKK 595,-

    Gentle and relaxing full-body massage with fragrant organic massage oils.


Abhyanga Whole Body Massage

  • 55 min DKK 595,-

    Ayurvedic gentle whole-body massage with hot oils. The oil is massaged into the body's nergipoints and nourishes/cleanses the skin as well as strengthens the connective tissue.

Hot-Stone Massage (back)

  • 25 min DKK 395,-
  • 55 min DKK 645,-

    Warm basalt stones from Hawaii are placed on the body's energy centers. When deep massage strokes are combined with the hot stones, a very relaxing massage is achieved that stimulates the energy flow and relieves muscle tension.

Turkish Hamambad

  • 25 min DKK 445,-

    Pouring with warm water, scrubbing with sisal sponge, nice soft soap massage and rinsing and.

Kommandørgården, Rømø.Photo: Henrik BjergTlf. 97 21 24 77

Face, Hands and Feet

CLEAN Basic Facial

  • 25 min DKK 395,-

    Cleansing, peeling, mask and cream as well.

Ayurvedic foot and hand massage

  • 25 min DKK 395,-

    10 min. foot bath and 15 min. foot massage. While getting a foot bath, your hands are massaged with REN rose oil.


Body Polish with REN
Salt or Sugar Body Polish

  • 50 min DKK 595,-

    The body peels with Guerande Salt Exfoliating Body Balm or Maroccan Rose Otto Sugar Polish and dead skin cells are removed. After peeling, you get a nice lubrication with oil.