Danske Bank: Reg: 4597 Account no: 3231 579206
Euro Account: IBAN DK63 3000 4597 0932 76 / BIC/SWIFT: DABADKKK


Bookings can only be made online on kommandørgården's website. Exceptions are groups, company or other special requests. If it is difficult then we would like to help you make the reservation. 

Cancellation conditions:


– more than 35 days before the arrival date, 35% of the full rental amount is lost. 

– between 34 and 15 days before the date of arrival, 50 % of the full rental amount is lost;

– less than 15 days before the arrival date, 100% of the full rental amount is lost

The full rental amount is what you pay for your entire stay from arrival to departure. 

Upon cancellation of the stay, an email must be sent with the reservation number and account number and we will return the money within 2 weeks. 

It is therefore recommended to have travel insurance that can cover lost rental amounts in case of any illness. 

Date change.

If you wish to change the date, this is only possible for a fee of DKK 500/room. However, this is only possible 2 weeks before the arrival date. 

However, this is not possible at special events with specific arrival dates.  

However, you can only change the arrival date within 6 months of the original arrival date. Please note, however, that there may be other accommodation rates on the new arrival date and therefore there may be a surcharge.


If the number of people does not match the stated reservation, we reserve the right to impose a fine of DKK 300,- per day. Otherwise, you must leave the property. 

Reservations with Vouchers are NON Refundable

If you have made a reservation with a voucher from one of our business partners, this voucher is NON refundable.  

If you have a stay with arrival on a specific date, this can only be changed to one of the other dates specified in the voucher. This will cost a change fee of DKK 350 voucher. 

Check in and check out  

Check-in after 5 p.m. check-out before 10:00

Upon arrival after 21:00 we ask you to call the following telephone number: +45 74 75 51 22. The hotel can be contacted 24 hours however, there will be night watch on from 21:00 until the next morning at 8:00 am. 

The night watch can be contacted at  +45 74 75 51 22


Daily service for hotel stays. 

There is no daily service on our short stay packages (under 3 days). Like towels can be changed at reception for a fee of 20,- per towel.  Find more information about stays and rooms under the menu "Important information, purchases and discounts".

Before Departure

If crockery is used, we would remind you to wash dishes after yourself. Wean pieces can be rented for DKK 10,- DKK /pcs. Sulfo is available in the rooms. 

Cleaning of wood-burning stove (if used) DKK 295,- 

If a dishwashing is left behind , we will allow you to send you a bill of DKK 295,- even if they have paid for final cleaning. 


Departure without payment of invoice

If you leave the hotel without paying, a fee of DKK 350 will be charged and 2% interest will be added per month. If the bill is not paid within 14 days of receiving the bill, it will be sent to debt collection without notice.

Self-catering stay:

There will be toilet paper when you come but you have to supplement yourself for the rest of your stay. 

Vacuum cleaners can be borrowed at reception. Cleaning products and wipes must be brought with you yourself.  

Smoking in the room/cabin

If you go inside you will get an extra bill of DKK 1500.

Left dishes in the room.

It is not allowed to leave dirty dishes at departure. We reserve the right to send a bill of DKK 395.

Final cleaning:

Final cleaning is mandatory. These fees appear on online booking.  

Complaints & deficiencies:

In case of defects or defects during the stay, IMMEDIATELY contact reception immediately.

We expect upon arrival that the device is immediately checked and the defects are immediately notified to the reception. If it is closed, please call 0045 23458649. 

Immediately afterwards, please contact hotel Kommandergården at or you fill out a complaint form that you find on our website. The complaint must state who has complained to at reception. If the procedure is not followed and the Hotel Commander's Office receives a complaint only after returning home, it will be rejected and compensation will not be possible.