Booking of horse riding, horse riding packages and riding accommodation is either via our online booking or by email to: or fill out the form below.

Remember to write this in the email:

– what type of trip (blue/red, beach/plantation), riding package or stay do you want? 

- requested arrival date, number of days

- full name, address and phone number

– number of persons (children under 13 years of age, if any),

– riding experience

If you are on Rømø, or are going on holiday to Rømø and you are not staying at Kommandørgården, you can book a trip by coming to the Hotel reception when you arrive on the island, and pay at the same time.

Our policy is like the following.

We can only make a reservation, by mail or phone, to you if one of the following points is met:

-You will reserve riding for a larger group, min. 6 people.

-You must stay at Kommandørgården, either in the hotel, in the hut or camping.

-You would like to book a ride package with several rides.

We will need to book rides for our own houseguests first to be sure to have horses for them.

We hope you will understand this. Of course, it is still always possible to booked tours on weekdays, out for high season.