Corona times in Icelandic Center

In these times we have made new initiatives in the stable. 

  • We ride out a maximum of 10 people at a time, including guide. 
  • Are you experienced riders we give permission to ride out on your own, at your own risk! We have good maps of the riding trails and our good forester makes sure to improve the signage on the riding trails.
  • We always keep a minimum distance of 2 meters. For the same reason, we recommend that beginner children have a parent or other adult on the tour so that the guide can avoid close contact if needed.
  • In case too many people in the stable, we must ask people who should not ride to leave the stable area. 



If you stay at Kommandørgården, you get a 10% discount on the rides.
Children under the age of 12 receive an additional 10% discount


New precautions in the stable!

  • We no longer sit inside when we hand out horses or instruct the basic rules of riding. We stand outside.
  • We stand at least 2 meters apart all the time! (unless you come from the same household).
  • Max 10 people are off on tour including guide
  • We feed strongly to bring our own clean riding hansker. 
  • The guide will ask about your experience and give you a suitable horse. This horse card is subsequently rubled off – so please put the cards in the bucket inside the saddle room – do not hang them back in the cupboard.

  • Parking slings have been recorded at a distance of 3 metres at the strilugs so that you also have distance from each other during upshed
  • When you need to pick up your horse or equipment, we ask you to always keep a distance from other guests and staff. Don't walk through the door at the same time.
  • If you need help with upssadling or anything else, we would really like to help you. But again we ask you to always respect the minimum 2 meter distance and step away from the guide when she adjust or help with the equipment.
  • It is important to us that everyone respects these precautions so that we can keep the stable clean and enjoy the horses and nature without any worries.
  • And you can always wash your hands in several places here with us.