Active Christmas Lunch stay at Kommandørgården


Christmas party with overnight stay, activities, music and dancing.

  • 14.30: "Mini" southern Jutland coffee table. (125,- kr)
  • 15.30: Possibility of choose-your-own-activity (extra charge)
  • 16.30-17.30: "Happy Hour" at the bar - double up on spirits on selected drinks
  • 18.00: Christmas lunch, coffee and Christmas baking (325,- kr)
  • Live Music Entertainment   
  • Accommodation
  • 07.30-11.00: Breakfast
Prices per person:
1295,- kr
  • Christmas party without accommodation DKK 275,-

    - from 18.00 - approx. 01.00

  • Drinks vouchers of optional amount - discount for amount of 300,- kr per person
  • Ad libitum 19-22 395,- DKK per/pers

    Wines, beers, soft drinks

  • Ad libitum at 19-01.00 575,- DKK per/pers

    Wines, beers, soft drinks
    Plus 5 mix drinks + 75,- kr

    Ad libitum can only be purchased for the whole company.

  • Bottles of spirits DKK 895 per person

    Bacardi, vodka, gin, rom, wiskey and snaps

Date with Live Music 



Saturday 18/11

Friday 24/11 

Saturday 25/11


Friday 01/12 

Saturday 02/12

Friday 08/12 

Saturday 09/12 

Saturday 16/12 

Christmas activities

Christmas Race

You are divided into teams, the fight song is sung and the tour begins. The race ends with mulled wine... Everyone can participate, the trip is approx. 500 meters.

  • Wheelbarrow ring riding in the riding hall
  • Make a straw reindeer for grandma
  • Guess the ingredients in grandma's cookies
  • Horse races on iron horses
  • Correct tethering of wooden horses 
  • Raft race in the puddle
  • Lasso and horseshoe throw
  • Mooncar relay
  • and much more
  • Per person From 175,- kr

    (min 12th pers.)

Icelandic horses and carriage

On icelandic horse in the beautiful nature of Rømø.  Everyone first receives instruction in riding the wooden horse. For those who do not want to ride, a horse-drawn carriage can be driven. 11/2 hours of entertainment with instruction and horse riding and horse-drawn carriage riding. Mulled wine in the cozy western bar after the tour. 

  • Per person $345, - $345

    In horse-drawn carriage 150,- DKK
    (min. 5 pers.)

Oyster safari

Put on the glove and jump in the rubber boots and put on old clothes and go with us out into the Wadden Sea, Kommandørgården's backyard. We pick oysters (at low tide). After picking, we wash some and open them and eat them with the house dressing and a glass of cava. It is possible to expand the program with cooking. Then we prepare Rockefeller, garlic gratin, pango gratin, champagne gratin.

  • Per person 225,- DKK

    Purchase cooking + 225,-DKK per person
    (min. 8 pers.)

Beach Rally at Havsand (2 km from the hotel)

With big horse trailers we drive to Havsand. (you drive yourself to Sønderstrand's parking lot)

In the trailer we have 6 blokarts (3 wheeled beach sailors, 6 giant kites, petanque, mini golf, shovels and mason props for sandcastle building). You compete in the different disciplines.

Christmas onions and apple slices are served at the beach.

Price 345,- (12-30 persons)

The Relaxing - Wellness

Enjoy a relaxing massage, a beautifying
beauty treatment, a refreshing hamambad or a beautiful bamboo massage.
We give 10% when booking several massages. Request special offers

The hair-raising - Solve a murder!

Susie hotel guest dead in hotel room 66. Susie had attended the Kommandørgården's staff party. I wonder what happened. 

Help find the killer, explore the crime scene, interrogate the suspects (all of whom are employed at the Kommandørgården), study the forensic report and much more. 

  • Per person 325,- DKK

    + base fee 4,500,-DKK
    (min. 16 pers.)