Canoes & Kayaks


The Ministry of the Environment, in cooperation with the Danish Canoe and Kayak Association, has created 39 kayak routes, distributed throughout Denmark, so that more Danes can have a good experience when the kayak is put into the water.

The kayak routes are an offer for those who want to experience Denmark's beautiful coastline, where you may be lucky enough to experience porpoises, seals and seabirds. The 39 routes are located throughout Denmark. It is possible to take a walk on the Wadden Sea, where the tide offers exciting challenges, around Læsø joined by woodpeckers or a tour of the South Funen archipelago at Svendborgsund. You can also take a weekend trip on isefjorden with the kayak route from Holbæk to Rørvig.

When you paddle through the water ,it is a different way to experience nature, which is quite unique and at the same time you get good exercise.