Mandø Gården

Who really knows the sense of silence?... No one? It is SO rare that we allow ourselves to experience and enjoy the silence of in the busy everyday life. Imagine standing up to birdsong, sea air and tranquillity. The peace and quiet of Mandø makes you relax; there is no car traffic, only a gentle breeze, the sea shower and the sound of the birds – it is actually so calm that you can hear the horses grazing. Mandø, denmark's smallest wading sea island, is 8 km2 large and has 44 inhabitants. The nature of the island is characterized by meadows, fields and the proximity to the sea and offers both a varied animal and plant life. For example, there is the breeding season and grouse. Mandø even has its very own heather variety, Mandølyngen

An overnight stay at Mandoegaarden offers the opportunity to experience all this.

Sleeps a total of 22 people.

The 1952 farmhouse was renovated about 10 years ago.
In the stable building, rooms have been arranged


Also visit the 24 km² sandbar Koresand – the desert of Denmark – and experience the seals up close. And after a while, one even begins to wonder who is watching whom?
An absolutely amazing experience!

At Koresand there is only sand, sand and sand – as far as the eye can see. No tourists or cars, only thousands of birds and seals who enjoy the tranquillity with you. The feeling you get in your body when you experience this amazing universe cannot be described – it must be experienced!