The horse on holiday

Take your horse on your holiday to Rømø. We have two large, bright stables with high ceilings and good indoor climate. Our guest fold, located right down to the Wadden Sea, has been upgraded with splinter new fencing, which is both stallion and pony-safe.  Great horses are also welcome.

If you rent a roundwood hut, you will most likely be able to get up in the morning and look out the window of your horse, which grazes out on the field. 

In connection with Rømø Beach Jump there are some fixed prices for housing this weekend. Condition: Stay at Kommandørgården.

Prices per horse per day:

  • Mark excl. locker (price per horse) DKK 125,-
  • Standard box including cabinet DKK 220,-
  • VIP Box m paddock (4x4) DKK 270,-
  • Small box (pony/Icelanders) DKK 185,-

Total price on box/field rentals Friday, Saturday and Sunday across the Beach Jump:

Remember that you have to stay at Kommandørgården to house horses with us this weekend


Boxer can be added by email after booking the accommodation (must be booked directly on our website in the online portal).

  • Standard box (maybe in riding hall) DKK 1295,-
  • Box with paddock DKK 1550,-
  • Small box DKK 1150,-
  • Mark (price per horse - cannot be shared) DKK 500,-
  • Build your own field DKK 350,-


– If you have a horse in a box, you can use the water hoses at the site to rinse your horse after riding.

- During your stay you have free access to our large bright riding hall 

" It is possible to have saddle and other equipment in locked saddle cabinets at the stable when you have a horse in the stable.

– Saddle locker rental DKK 45 per day (bring your own small saddle lock) 

If you are not living at Kommandørgården and have a horse on the field you can not use the riding centre's facilities with riding arena, locker and shower. Saddle up at the beam in the parkinglot.

If you live at Kommandørgården and have a horse in the field you have access to the riding centre's facilities. 

Prices on purchases:

Requirements for bearings - cleaning of box and/or fold:

Upon departure, the box must be emptied of horse bulbs.
All dung and residues of straw feed must be removed from the folds so that the next tenant can happily take over.
See "Trailer" for information on tools and dung.
The dung is behind the stable, here the wheelbarrows can be emptied – must be emptied into the tractor wagon.

Extra info

Hay, wrap and water:
Hay and wrap can be found in the stables or hay aisles (see during purchase).
There is automatic watering on the folds. 

Parking at the end of Borrebjergvej, here you will also find the guest pens.
Borrow tools for cleaning the trailer at the equestrian centre, just 50 meters further up the road.
The dung is behind the stable, here the wheelbarrows can be emptied – must be emptied into the tractor wagon.

Vaccines and disease:
It is always a good idea to vaccinate your horse before taking it on holiday. Many of our horses are not vaccinated, so it is a requirement that your horse is fit and healthy when it arrives.
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Ridning and tours:
For a fee, you can take part in our guided riding tours with either your own or one of our horses. If you ride your own horse on one of our guided tours (except Mandø and Koresand), you get a 50% discount. 
You can find maps of Rømø's riding trails at the reception of the hotel.

Fixed accommodation prices

Incl. use of riding hall, oval track and stable (bring your own small padlock)

Including bedding and roughage – exclusive power feed

You must clean the box yourself. The barn provides hay morning and evening. 

Minimum 3 months

Horse / Pony /Icelandic price per horse

Large box 2500,- / month

Large with paddock 3000,- kr / month


Closing on weekdays + 200,- kr /month

If you have 2 horses you can get a 10% discount but the horses cannot share 1 box. 

In the flock together with the Kommandørgården's horses

Same prices as above – however, you have to pay a minimum of 5 months (we do not want unnecessary ranking disputes)

Including automatic feeding in vending machine – hay ad libitum, dry bed rest. The advantage is that you do not have to clean the box yourself.


Extra info

The Kommandørgården's horses are not vaccinated.

Rent is paid in advance.