Pool, Sauna & Baths

Kommandørgården's indoor pool and wellness are for the guests of Kommandørgården only.
If you do not stay at Kommandørgården, you can only use the pool and wellness when purchasing a treatment. 

Kommandørgården's campers pay DKK 45,-/person for pool and steam room. 

N.B Children under the age of 12 only according to with an adult.

Pool & Saunas

Indoor pool
Here's svalebruser, countercurrent systems for the active and foreclosed children's pool with low water depth.  

The steam room is activated for 1 hour by pressing the green button at the entrance.

Outdoor pool
Open from early June to early Sept. Free for all Kommandørgården's guests. 

Access to the wellness department on the 1st floor overlooking the Wadden Sea with saunas, tepidarium and the corner. 

Is only turned on in connection with a Treatment. Do you wish to use sauna, this is for a fee - see please price list.

Saunas and tepidarium DKK 95,-/person for 2 hours (min. 2 persons)


Tepidarium & Kraxenofen

The tepidariet is open to all hotel wellness guests.
To activate the color cycle, press start. You can then settle into the Tepidariet.
When one color cycle is complete, it automatically switches to a new one. Specific colors can also be selected at your request. The different colors are;
Red that strengthens the will of life, Orange, which stimulates, Yellowthat affects us mentally, Green, which provides balance, Blue that provides spiritual purity and Violet, which acts as uplifting on the mind, After finishing the rotation, all lights are turned off. The tepidarie treatment is based on Dr. Harald Brost's theories about the effects of colour on the human mind.

Kommandørgården, Rømø.Photo: Henrik BjergTlf. 97 21 24 77

Austrian steam treatment with hay.

Using the kraxenofen helps a co-worker start the oven. You sit in the "chair" and get the fabric over it the employee opens a hole to the head in the fabric and you get it over you). The fabric is attached to the four holes at the front of the chair as well as under the semicircle seen on the back of the chair. The kraxenofen turns on even when you sit down and turn yourself off again when you get up.

Only use for 20 minutes at a time. Don't sit back in the chair!
After treatment, put the substance in the garbage bucket.

 DKK 195,-/person


Aromabad & Jacuzzi

45 min. Aroma oil bath and Jacuzzi (incl. welcome drink and sweets)
min. 2 people DKK 245,-/person

aroma bath

Tea corner & Balcony



The fitness room is open to all Kommandørgården farm residents for a fee. 45,- KR/2 hours
Children under 12 years of age are only allowed to use the fitness room according to with an adult. Do not use the fitness room if you are wearing wet swimwear.