Riding horses

1) Pegasus from Kommandørgården (2015) A horse with wings/ a horse with wings

Mother: Pila vom Steinadlerhorf Father: Logi from Kommandorgarden

Hight: 1,37 m.

Highly posed charmer with a wonderful expression. Super fine in all gaits. 4 walkers. Very sweet and nice to ride. Can be ridden by anyone. Been easy from the very beginning. 

Special features: Slightly smudged star in the forehead and a small snip.

2 Phoenix

2)  Phoenix from Kommandørgården (2015) ♂ – En fabelfugel/ mythical bird

Mother: Svás frá Syðra-Skörðugili Father: Logi from Kommandorgarden

Hight: 1,36 m.

Phoenix is our youngest offspring after our beloved Svás who is the mother of any of our favorite knights! And Phoenix will certainly be one of them, too. Sweet and gentle in all handling. Can look a bit on tour but is now a seasoned guide horse who doesn't mind going forest. Easy on the moth. Fine. 4 walkers. Easy to tear down the gaits. 

Special features: completely brown, no white mark on the face, darker legs

3) Hárekur from Kommandørgården (2017) ♂ –  King's Name / King's Name

Mother: Albína frá Skáney Father: Kongur from Kommandoergaarden

In training

Characteristics: White with gray man.

4) Puncture from Kommandørgården (2005) ♂ - Period/ Point

Mother: Seal from Gilsfjarõarmúla Father: Glóblesi from sauðárkróki

Hight: 1,41 m.

Big, robust gelding with the world's best minds. He'll never hurt a fly. Can be ridden by even the smallest, but he does not thanks no to a little pace across the beach.

Special features: High and long-legged, T-shaped white blaze in the head – Can be confused with his brother Skjoni, who is however smaller and has more hair.

5) Tigull from Kommandørgården (2006) ♂ - Routdoor star/ Horse with a diamonds-shaped star

Mother: Gusa from bluskærskov Father: Glóblesi from sauðárkróki

Hight: 1,33 m.

4 completely separated gaits and an incredibly soft and amazing floating gallop. He's not in such a hurry. Stable and not afraid of anything! 

Special features: Light man, white star in the forehead, friendly eyes, flaps often with the lips, small white stain on the left side of his neck.

6) Júlía from Kommandørgården (2017) ♀ – Maiden name / Girls name

Mother: Fala from Kommandørgården  Father: Logi from Kommandorgarden

In training

Special features: dark gray can be confused with Perla, but has a smaller forehead lock and is also slightly smaller.

7) Sörli from Kommandørgården (2008) ♂ – Old historical name / Old historic name

Mother: Tølta from Kommandørgården  Father: Hænir (Oddur) frá Oddsstöðum

Charm, confidence and nice hair! Late neutered gelding that is very calm and reliable. He has all gaits and is a pleasure to ride. He's any different, but he also has plenty of them, which is amazing once you find the button.

Special features: Black as night, huge hair, white star in the forehead.

8) Víkingur frá Bjarnastöðum (1993) ♂ – Viking

Mother: Gletta frá Bjarnastöðum  Father: Dagur frá Kjarnholtum I

The farm's strongest, largest and most powerful vallak, but also the slowest. Huge men, children and panicked nervous riders often get Vikingur under them. The good rider can easily propel him forward, so grab courage and show what you can do.

Special features: Large, very sturdy, curls on the back, very small white star in the forehead.

9) Silja from Herredsholm (2001) ♀ – womanname / womans name

Mother: Kátina from Vinkærgård Father: Eilifur from Faksemosen

Hight: 1,24 m.

Silja is the favorite of many children and young people. Stable and fearless, she follows the ranks with no hassle. Not lazy and not too fresh for the smallest. Many children have had their first gallop at Silja as she found it a little easier to follow along in a quiet comfortable rocking gallop on her short legs.

Special features: Short legs, lots of hair – it's just before you don't see her head for bare hair.

10) Gleði (ung) from the commanding station (2003) ♀ – joy / happiness

Mother: Lipurtá from vestri-leirárgöõum Father: Gassi from vorsabæ II

Hight: 1,33 m.

Sweet and honest jump which is 100% stable. She's going forward fresh, but she's not running. Has lovely separated gaits. 5 walkers. He rides by everyone! But you have to have a little experience to find just the right thing.

Special features: Silver hair, unique red/brown fur not seen on others on the fold, white blaze in the head.

11) Litla from Kommandørgården (2016) ♀ – The Little / The Small One

Mother: Fenja from Kommandørgården Father: Logi from Kommandorgarden

Litla is our Barbie horse: perfect for young riders, she has a pleasant tølt and gallop. She's a very curious horse with flashes in her eyes. Give her a lot of love and she'll be your best friend!

Special features: one of the smallest. light chestnut with a large and long white flame on the face

12) Fila frá Flugumýri (1995) ♀ – a good feeling / a good feeling

Mother: Ferja from flugumýri Father: Kveikur frá Miðsitju

Hight: 1,28 m.

An older mare from Iceland, which is mostly used for breeding, but still like to take a walk every now and then. Still fresh and willing as well as 100% stable. Soft. Easy to side on for everyone. Can be used for beginners. Comes along nicely in line.

Special features: flat back, "barrel"-shaped stomach, slight tendency to summer eczema.

13) Frekja from Kommandørgården (2014) ♀ – The naughty / The Naughty one

Mother: Gjóla frá Syðra-Skörðugili Father: Logi from Kommandorgarden

Hight: 1,37 m.

Frekja is a super nice, big and very clever mare. She inherited her mother's soft, good minds. She's forward and willing. However, really stable taken her young age into account. 

Special features: Red with star. Got a lot of white hares in your head.

14) Nikita from Kommandørgården (2010♀ – Maiden name / Girls name

Mother: Tølta from Kommandørgården Father: Logi from Kommandorgarden

Hight: 1,36 m.

Sporty, long-legged mare which we have also used for breeding. On the horseback riding, she is very popular. She follows every gait and is easy and soft on the reins. Can be ridden by most.

Special features: Narrow face, small white star in the forehead.

15) Diva from Kommandørgården (2013

Mother: Píla wom Steinadlerhof Father: Logi from Kommandorgarden

Lukushest for the very experienced rider. Diva is a horse with as many haters as fans. She's a really amazing horse to ride. Very sensitive and with beautiful gaits. However, she is very willing and a bit of a diva who likes to take the whole control if she is allowed.

Special features: Grey with very white. Lighter than Pearla and darker than Frostros

16) Stjarna from Kommandørgården (2016♀ – star/ star

Mother: Hrönn from Kommandørgården Father: Logi from Kommandorgarden

With her sweet and caring personality, Stjarna takes you on an amazing tour. She will go perfectly on horseback rides with a pleasant and clear moth. It also happens that she can be a little stubborn when she's alone, so you have to show her who's the boss!

Special features: chestnut with a large white star on the forehead

Photo commandsgaarden 293

17) Spólason from Kommandørgården (2007– Spola's son / son of Spola

Mother: Spóla frá Stokkseyri Father: Logi from Kommandorgarden

Our black-mottled charmer with blue eyes, after the farm's legendary Spola who has given the farm's best horses. He is a certain gentleman who sees himself as king of the other horses on the fold and the ride, getting him on second thoughts.

Special features: Large, black-mottled, 2 blue eyes – the only one on the fold of its kind.

18) Cupid from Kommandørgården (2016♂ – Love God / Lovegod

Mother: Seal frá Gilsfjarðarmúla Father: Logi from Kommandorgarden

Cupid, the name says everything, is a true lovegiver! Truly considerate of his rider, he will always do what he is asked to do and never put a step wrong. With a great tølt, he's perfect for young riders. Adults want to have fun with him, too.

Special features: fluffy chestnut with a small white dot on the forehead

19) Bokki from Kommandørgården (2008♂ – a giant /giant

Mother: Svás from syöra-skörõugili Father: Hænir (Oddur) frá Oddsstöðum I

Hight: 1,40 m.

One of our best thrdled machines! A tall gelding with an incredible amount of power to handle! He's stable, though, and doesn't be afraid of anything. There is no doubt he will do well on the competition circuit.

Special features: Large long-legged, well-raised neck – can be confused with Vikingur, which is, however, partly wider.

20) Asa from Kommandørgården  (2016♀ – owner's nickname / the owner's nickname

Mother: Fíla from Flugumýri Father: Logi from Kommandorgarden

 Asa is a good match for both intermediate and experienced riders. With a good beating and speed, she takes you on a nice ride. She may be a little insecure if you ask her to go ahead, but she can with a rider who shows her that there is nothing to be worried about.

Special features: chestnut with a white mark on the forehead and a small pink dot on the nose  

24) Gjóla frá Syðra-Skörðugili (1995) ♀ – breeze / soft breeze

Mother: Gola frá Syðra-Skörðugili  Father: Hvatur frá Vatnsleysu

The mother of our best riding horses, so it also tells about herself. A lady of her prime who has very light to the moth and therefore is soft to sit on. She's happy to lie in the upper part of the pack.

Special features: Coarse head, white star in the forehead, white "tattoo"/freeze mark on the right side of the back.

25) Hugljúf fra Kommandørgården (2010♀ – Lovable/loveable

Mother: Elska fra Kommandørgården Father: Logi from Kommandorgarden

Hight: 1,39 m.

A great girl with good lift and great big movements. She is loving and will do anything to please her rider. She can take a look at her surroundings, but she's quite calm.

Special features: Large long leg, slightly coarse and large head, disheveled man.

28) Spola from Kommandørgården  (2014

Mother: Gloa from Kommandørgården Father:  Logi from Kommandorgarden

If you've been here a few years in a row, you know Spola. She is the foal who grew up here in the stable of her mother Gloa, the donkey Josef and the falabella Tacoya. When you have to go, you can feel her still dragging her to her childhood home by the sandfold at the entrance. Really cute and easy horse! 

Special features: dark brown pinto

29) Kristin from Kommandørgården (2011

Mother: Flugsæl from Kommandørgården Father: Logi from Kommandorgarden

Hight: 1,30 m.

Fine little Kristin. The horse that was sold to Copenhagen but came back. We are happy about that! Easy and simple to ride on. Fine gaits. Not the fastest on the beach, but she's following all the gaits. She was terribly stubborn during the ride, but we don't see that stubbornness much anymore.

Special features: small and thin, chestnut with a long white stripe on the face and a pink nose

30) Albína frá Skáney (1995♀ – white / White

Mother: Pípa frá Skáney Father: Skinfaxi frá Þóreyjarnúpi

Blue eyes, but all white - hence the name. The darling of the children and nervous riders. Slipper after the pack and takes very good care of his rider. We believe she has never lost a rider and if she did, she would pick them up again.

Special features: The princess horse – blue eyes, white fur, pink mule, long blond hair, very large belly as she is one of our best breeding shopper.

31) Kolbrún from Kommandørgården (2007♀ – Coal black-brown horse / Charcoal black-brown

Mother: Fíla frá Flugumýrin Father: Logi from Kommandorgarden

Our beautiful pride of our own breeding. Elegant and with 4 good clean and soft gaits. Would like to be at the front of the group. She is a sports horse who is fit and healthy, and approved by the vet, so don't let the slim body fool you.

Special features: Black brown, tall, long-legged, slim body type, long man with highlights, long narrow face.

32) Skjóni from Kommandørgården (2002♂ – Mottled Horse / Colored Horse

Mother: Seal frá Gilsfjarðarmúla Father: Breki frá Eyrarbakka

Long-legged elegant gelding that is always on the fatty cure. He's got a lot of go and he's going to go with him when others are in a gallop. Skjoni is blind in one eye, but this is not felt as he is extremely calm and stable – we think he sees everything anyway!

Special features: Long leg, narrow body type, massaging hair, narrow white blaze in the head – can be confused with his brother Punktur, which is however taller and has a larger blaze.

33) Hera from Kommandørgården (2014♀ – Gudinde / Goddess

Mother: Tolta frá Flugumýrin Father: Logi from Kommandorgarden

Depending on her mood, Hera can be a very easy horse that goes without asking questions, or if she feels fresh, she can be a little bouncy. But she always takes good care of her rider and will give you an unforgettable ride.

Special features: dark black with a large white stain on the forehead that gets smaller every year

34)  Prinz from Kommandørgården (2015♂ – Prins / Prince

Mother: Albina frá Skáney Father: Logi from Kommandorgarden

Hight: 1,38 m.

Our young strong and courageous Prinz. Although he is afraid of tractors, he does not faint at the sight of deep puddles, sailing or even jumping. You'll have to discuss with him a little bit to find the perfect gooth, but his gallop takes you to a whole new world. Stable and caring, he will definitely be your new best friend.

Special features: Our only palomino gelding. Palomino means cream, not white!

35) Drottning from Kommandørgården (2015♀ – Queen / Queen

Mother: Seal frá Gilsfjarðarmúla Father: Logi from Kommandorgarden

A little wonder that was on the fold that morning. For a long time we had been waiting for Seal to make us a red-mottled HOPPE foal. And here she is. Big, long-legged and elegant. A few riding guests have already had the pleasure of Drottning. No doubt she is following in the footsteps of her brothers (Punktur and Skjoni) and becoming one of the great favorites.

Characteristics : light brown pinto

36) Tølta from Kommandørgården (2001♀ – the thawing horse / The tölting horse

Mother: Spóla frá Stokkseyri Father: Goá Engimýri

Spola's daughter and best copy, the owner's eyestone. She has mostly been used as a breeding shop, but also likes to take a horseback ride. Calm and loving mare, which we hold very dear.

Special features: Robust building, long man and pandelok.

37) Elinga from Kommandørgården (2012♀ – Maiden name / Girls name

Mother: Gjóla frá Syðra-Skörðugili Father: Oddur frá Oddsstöðum

Incredibly sweet and good-natured mare. Takes all new stuff 100% relaxed. She can have a plastic bag hanging in each ear in windy weather without preferring a mine. She has a strange habit of having to put everything in her mouth.

Special features: Coarsely wide head, dark red fur, ruffled appearance – not the prettiest, but one of the cutest.

38) Blessa fra Kommandørgården (2004♀ – jump with blaze / Mare with blaze

Mother: Vaka from viberg Father: Glóblesi from sauðárkróki

Hight: 1,32 m.

She may seem a little reserved on the fold, but once you have her in her hands she is very loving and stable. She can be ridden by almost anyone and follows the group well.

Special features: Dark red fur, white blaze in her head that is wide in the forehead and becomes narrower down over the mulch – often turns around and walks when she sees the grime, which she associates with hard work

39) Keisari from Kommandørgården (2017) ♂ - Emperor/ Emperor

Mother: Fjodur from Kommandørgården Father: Logi from Kommandorgarden

in training

Special features: Lots of hair, has a narrow white blaze

41) Jökull fra Kommandørgården (2010) ♂ – Gletsjer / Glacier

Hight: 1,37 m.

Mother: Pila vom Steinadlerhorf Father: Logi from Kommandorgarden

Calm and extremely stable vallak for the discerning rider. The moth is just before – bell-clean and soft. The gallop is spacious and easy to follow. One of the tourists' favorite horses.

Special features: Long-legged, narrow face, getting white hair on his left thigh – can be confused with Engill, which has a larger and wider face, as well as a knob at his right eye.

42) Sleipnir from Kommandørgården (2017) ♂ – Odin's horse / The horse of Odin

Mother: Skugga from Kommandørgården Father: Kongur from Kommandoergaarden

in training

Special features: The only one of its kind mold broth.

43) Lukka fra Kommandørgården (2014♀ – happiness / Happiness

Hight: 1,37 m.

Mother: Seal frá Gilsfjarðarmúla Father: Logi from Kommandorgarden

Really cute jump with the thaw in long courses. She is good and sneezing, but new in the job and therefore she requires a skilled rider who can show her the way.

Special features: Red jump with blaze slim model, very contact seeker and would like to cuddle.

44) Perla fra Kommandørgården (2016♀ – Perle / Pearl 

Mother: Perla frá Bjarnastöðum Father: Unknown (we guess fönix)

Like her mother, you'll feel like you're in a cloud when you're thrashing her. Perla can sometimes be a little stubborn sometimes, but in a sweet way!

Special features: dark grey (do not differ with Frostros and Diva)

45) Skugga fra Kommandørgården (2010♀ – Skygge / Shadow

Mother: Kúnst frá Krossi Father: Logi from Kommandorgarden

She was calm from the first time she was riding on and has quickly gained the rider's trust despite her young age. A very stable and soft tølter for the discerning rider.

Special features: Tall and slim white star in the forehead and snip on the mulch, friendly dark eyes.

47) Fala fra Kommandørgården (2008♀ – one it takes it easy/easygoing girl

Mother: Lipurtá from vestri-leirárgörõum Father: Hænir (Oddur) frá Oddsstöðum I

Hight: 1,30 m.

Loving and fresh girl with super movements and high leglift. She adapts to the rider's desire for pace, and follows quietly with the pack.

Special features: Pink blaze in the skin can be assumed under the fur down the right nostril, 2 swirls on the right side of the head.


49) Halastjarna fra Kommandørgården (2010♀ – Shooting Stars / Shooting star

Hight: 1,27 m.

Mother: Svás from Syðra-Skörðugili Father: Logi from Kommandorgarden

Willing little jump that would rather go out and gallop on the beach! Still controllable and to slow down. The gaits are in place. Not one of the horses we use the most because of her smaller size in combination with her willingness. A super nice horse for the little experienced rider.

Special features: Small, spun and black. Great knowing sign in the head.

50) Flugsvinn fra Kommandørgården (2009♀ – the fast / The fixed one

Mother: Næla from Skanði Father: Oddur from Oddsstöðum

Hight : 1,36 m.

Beautiful jump with amazing gaits. She was thrashing late, but now champions this time at a level that could make it onto the competition. Requires an experienced rider as she becomes insecure if she doesn't understand what you want.

Special features: Red jump with white markings in the head. Not so tall, but wide.

51) Steina fra Kommandørgården (2012♀ – Klipper / Rocks

Mother: Logi frá Kommangården Father: Oddur from Oddsstöðum

Great but very sweet and good-natured mare who does his best for the rider. A dream to ride when she's just thrashing out, she's probably going to be one of the favorites.

Special features: Long legs. Tall and slim like his father. Big star in the forehead.

52) Steina fra Kommandørgården (2008♀ – Feathers / Feather

Mother: Gjóla from Syðra-Skorðugili Father: Oddur from Oddsstöðum 

Supersweet and soft jump with a small feather in the forehead, hence the name. Lots of thlywed, therefore also soft as a spring. A happy little girl who has lots of energy. She must have a calm rider, as well can get a little stressed if the rider does.

Special features: Small, brown, small if star (feathers) in the forehead.

53) Blökk from Kommandørgården (2009♀ – black / black

Mother: Kúnst from Krossi Father: Stigur vom Störtal

Big girl to have a steady hand. She is quite calm and adapts to the rider's desire for pace, but one must show her the way as she is not always quite sure of herself.

Special features: Very large and long-legged, large hair, loving eyes.

54) Gleði (ung) fra Kommandørgården (2009 – joy / Happiness

Mother: Fila from Flugumýri Father: Stigur vom Störtal

Hight: 1,35 m.

Great jump with good will and a super thrash. She is always fresh on a good gallop on the beach, but is alongside ease to control. A horse that is always a pleasure to take a ride on.

Special features: Red with small star and snip. She has a half-black eye.

55) Glaða fra Kommandørgården (2009♀ – the happy / the pleased one

Mother: Fila from Flugumýri Father: Logi from Kommandorgarden

Hight: 1,24 m.

Almost tiled without saddle as she is fantastically soft to sit on. She wants to move forward, so she requires an experienced little rider. A horse for children and smaller riders. The girls' horse.

Special features: small red jump

56) Golíat from Kommandørgården (2017) ♂ – En kæmpe / A Giant

Mother: Pila vom Steinadlerhof Father: Logi from Kommandorgarden

in training

Special features: Black-brown with a star on the forehead.

57) Elding fra Kommandørgården (2012♀ – Lyn / Lightning

Mother: Albína frá Skáney Father: Logi from Kommandorgarden

Our cute princess horse may well be a little fine on it and is not happy about getting muddy hooves. But friendly and lovely to ride she is determined! All her full siblings today are amazing riding horses, so of course Elding will follow in their footsteps with good will and delicious gaits.

Special features: Our only palomino mare. Palomino means cream, not white!

58) Frostrós from Kommandørgården (2012♀ – Frost rose 

Mother: Dama frá Skáney Father: Oddur frá Oddsstöðum

Incredibly nice jump there has been easy all laps right from the start. She is our last offspring of our amazing mare Dama which we miss absolutely indescribably. That's why Frostos has now become our little angel child. She has some super gaits with very large movements in relation to her size. A horse to be enjoyed and appreciated.

Special features: Beautiful mold. Still pretty dark. Can be confused with Diva.

59) Audur from Kommandørgården (2012♀ – Tax / Treasure

Mother: Flugsvinn fra Kommandørgården Father: Logi from Kommandorgarden

Our little Audur is still in training. With a very sweet personality, she needs us to take it slowly to start up with her. A lot of progress was made over the summer and she promises to be an amazing trail horse!

61) Hrönn fra Kommandørgården (2001) ♀ - wave by the beach / Wave

Mother: Swàs from syõugili Father: Wetture from engiýri

Hight: 1,35 m.

Large, quiet and powerful jump with spacious gaits. The legs are best for shorter trips, but she can carry both large and small riders. She's always on a diet.

Special features: Large and sturdy, black with very small white star in the forehead.

62) Elska from Kommandørgården (1999) ♀ - Caress or treasure / Darling

Mother: Næla frá Skanði Father: Náttþrymur frá Arnþórsholti

Krudtugle, which is like to be at the front. She requires an experienced rider and if you can control her, you get a really good riding experience. But don't worry, she's not running away, but rather thinks life is too short for slow progress.  The lady can almost gallop on site.

63) Flugsæl fra Kommandørgården (2004♀ – love to fly / Loves two planes

Hight: 1,28 m.

Mother: Blika frá Þorbergsstöðum Father: Glóblesi frá Sauðárkróki

The little sports horse for the talented girls. She has clean gaits and 100% energy. She is preferably placed at the front of the group and is always ready for a fresh gallop.  

Special features: Small, slim body type, short narrow head.

65) Frosti  (1998) ♂ - Rimefrost / Rime

Mother : Spóla frá Stokkseyri Father: Hænir (Oddur) frá Oddsstöðum I

We need him to have more of him – a REAL Icelander that we think they should be. He's the target of our breeding. Calm mind, steady. You're VERY lucky if you get to ride him.

Special features: If as snow, very relaxed, friendly eyes, a little round on the stomach – because he is fed with love!

67) Sambaducks-Shetsman-Mix) ♂

Mother : Mathilde Father: Skolli  

Our amazing cartpony that also takes a rider on his back if it burns. He is a mix-up between a sheer and an Icelander, and therefore a little smaller than the other horses on the fold, but that certainly doesn't make him any more boring.

Special features: The stump on the fold, long thick man and brow lock, always a slightly too round stomach.

blacky 1

68) Blacky from Vadegården  (New front pony) ♂

Mother : Vadegårds Nicoline Father: Pallet

The cart and the ring rider horse that sometimes takes a tourist watch. Can go absolutely great for the bite, if you will.

69) Nathalie from Ntrout  

Mother: Sheila from Nørregården Father:Acle Consort

Our giant horse, which comes from England. A shire can carry 300 kg on your back, so you can bring a saddle bag. But there is no such thing – everything is done in slow motion on this horse.

70) Spartakus from Kommandørgården  (2017) ♂ - Slave of the Romans / Slave in the Roman Republic

Mother : Tølta from Kommandørgården Father: Lodging from Kommandørgården

in training

Is as cheated out of the nose of his father, you can see the resemblance right away.

Special features: Can be confused with his father Lodging, just not quite as tall. Spartakus has a small sock on both hind legs.


Lodging from Kommandørgården  ♂ - Fire / four 

Mother : Dama frá Skáney Father: Wed frá Engimýri 

Our super cool and very quiet stallion that also rides by kids especially outside the coverage season. He goes primarily as a guide horse, but occasionally there is a lucky rider who gets to try him – this person always sits with a big smile on his face when we get home.


Kongur from Kommandørgården  ♂ – The King / King

Mother : Spóla frá Stokkseyri Father: Hænir (Oddur) frá Oddsstöðum I

Our new stallion to take over some work from the good Lodging. He has good gaits, which hopefully will be expressed in future offspring. We are very keen to see what his breeding brings.

Tecoya (Falabella)

This little guy is surprisingly fast, especially when it comes to being discovered in making things you can't ! The little legs barely hit the ground when it goes strongest.