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Equestrian camp

Spend a week at Rømø in the company of our beautiful horses and sweet guides. We have lots of cosiness, togetherness, learning, nature experiences out of the ordinary, lots of hours in the saddle, practical work with the horses and much more.

Our equestrian camp is for children between 10 and 17 years old who have some riding experience. You should have tried to gallop before. We have horses that are very quiet, so you don't need much experience to gallop on the beach. 



- Sunday to Saturday during summer vacation weeks 26 & 31
- 6 nights on the 1st floor of the riding center incl. food and drinks. Breakfast and lunch are served in the courtyard by the horses. Dinner is served at the hotel. 

- Wadden Sea and teaching - tölt teaching on the big oval track 
• 2 hours Kirkeby Plantation
• 2 hours Sønderstrand
• 3 hours of sea sand, possibly with bathing
• 5 hours of Rømø tour with packed lunch - read
this during half-day tours
• Full-day tour Rømø or Mandø (after the guide's

Arrival Sunday at 16:00 Sunday and departure approx. 10:00 Saturday or by appointment

Every day you can play in Rømø
Play and Horseland, bathing in large outdoor pool
or indoor pool together with the responsible person.

In the evening, we enjoy video, play and games, bread by the Wadden Sea, bathing in the North Sea, pony games w.m. 
When we're not riding, we help with the horses,
there is a lot of activity around the horses
all day long. There are many tourists here - so we get
at the same time practiced our English and German.... 🙂

  • Price per person DKK 5295,-