Kitchen facilities

In addition to the indoor bathing and kitchen facilities, you also have the very special option to wash dishes and shower in our outdoor bath facilities (though covered) with direct views of the marshes and the Wadden Sea National Park!

We have both indoor and outdoor kitchens with the following equipment freely available

  • Fridge
  • Oven
  • Microwave
  • gas boiler
  • washing areas


Service buildings

The campsite has two service areas attached, where a kitchen, bath and toilets are available. One building is red and looks like a small farm. It is located very centrally on the campsite right next to the playground and in the middle between the Wadden Sea huts and the Round Timber Huts.
More view of the sea you can't get weed anywhere else.

In between the small red log cabins, located just behind the hotel, we have a smaller white service building – also containing kitchen, toilet and bathing facilities. It also includes a disabled bath and a toilet.

Bathing facilities

We also have larger family bathing facilities (indoors) that contain

  • toilet, shower
  • Washbasin
  • Bathtub
  • changing room

Laundry and water

At the back of the hotel (in the basement) there is a laundry, with both washing machines and dryers that you can use for a fee. You pay with your consumer card.

  • In summer there is a washing area for cars, which you can use with your consumption card.
  • We have built emptying facilities at the entrance to the square. 
  • At the entrance to the square and at the red toilet building you have the possibility of water filling