Camping area

AdultDkk 75,-
Senior (60+)$60,-
Child (4-11 years)Dkk 40,-
CaravanDkk 35,-

Common Info

Electricity (per day)Dkk 35,-
Shower (for 5 minutes)$7,-
Indoor pool & steam room (2 hours)Dkk 25,-

Other information:

Save 5% on horse back riding and 10% on massage and the food in the restaurant as a resident guest!

For a minimum of 2 nights you get free access to the pool and steam room!

We are green now – we have Denmark's largest geothermal system

Dog paradise with dog playground and fenced area where dogs can run freely

Season 2019
Season A

Season B
01/01/19 - 21/06/19
02/09/19 - 31/12/19
AdultDkk 82,- Dkk 75,-
Senior (60+)Dkk 75,-$60,-
Child (4-11 years)Dkk 45,-Dkk 40,-
DogDkk 15,-Dkk 15,-
CaravanDkk 75,-Dkk 35,-
ElDkk 35,- Dkk 35,-
Shower$7,- $7,-
Indoor poolDkk 30,- Dkk 30,-

Included in the price

Outdoor pool (mid-June to 1.9), entrance to Rømø Play and Horsepark, 10% on wellness, restaurant and horse riding.

B season – pay min. 3 days in advance and get free access to indoor pool and steam room

A season – at least 2 weeks in advance you also have free access to the indoor pool and steam room