Easter holiday week 13 - corona adapted....


In the stable we wear a face mask – but not when we ride.

We keep a good distance. We ride in very small teams. If you are in the same family with more than 5 people then you may want to call us to find a good solution. 

A few horses have mordax in their horseshoes so they don't slip on the ice.  Others we've pulled off when a barefoot horse stands better on ice and snow than one with shoes on.  

Riding helmets and extra warm clothes can also be found with us. However, remember your own finger gloves do not mitt. 

Easter Trip - New - 1.5 hours

  • The horses are ready 
  • 10 mins on the wooden horse and we get theory
  • 15 min. in the equestrian hall where theory is practiced
  • about 60 minutes in the plantation/forest finishing with oval track where we can ride a little faster
  • Hot chocolate and whipped cream 

Adult 375-kr (children 5-11 years 10% discount)

See calendar for the program. 

Ride yourself- only for experienced riders. 

Our horses know the island. And one is safe they'll find their way back home.

In equipped with a good mapOur Phone number and some self-employed horses which can be ridden without the large flock.  BUT you have to be really good riders with many years of riding experience

When riding yourself you can arrive by appointment. 

The week riding program

Easter Riding Holiday
Romo and Mandø 

  • 7 nights in double room including half board
  • 3-course choose your own menu as take away


Sunday 28/03

  • Arrival
  • Welcome drink and video about the Icelander in the evening

Monday 29/03

  • 2 hours Kirkeby Plantation : The tour starts on the small cozy dirt roads and enters Vråby Plantation, where we follow winding forest paths into Kirkeby Plantation. Here we ride many more fun, winding forest paths that go right, left, up and down. We ride through heathlands and pass Romo's highest point, Spidsbjerg.

Tuesday 30/03

  • 3 hours Sønderstrand &Banana Dune : The walk goes along the pile row out to sea where we cool the horses, possibly by dipping the hooves in the water. We follow the water to Bananøen, where we make a short stop. From here we can see the island of Sylt while we ride. We continue past the beach sailor and kitebuggy areas. Then we follow the dunes into the field path and ride along that road through the forest and onto the dirt roads home in the stable.

Wednesday 31/03

  • 4 hours Butcher bench &Sea sand : This tour allows you to discover more of the endless beach in Romo. When you go north, when you are one on the beach, you can enjoy long tuddles and beautiful gallops by the water or between the dunes. You'll also learn the story of the Butcher's Bench

Thursday 01/04

  • 2 hours Sea sand : We trundler over the beach and a small gallop there is also room for before we get out in the next hatch. From here we get out to the water, where we let the horses cool their hooves in the sea before taking a fresh gallop in the soft sand so that the pace is kept relaxed and calm. Here the wind feels in the hair and the rush in the stomach. We follow the privilege around before riding back across the beach and pausing at the dunes and enjoying the view.

Friday 02/04

  • Romo half-day tour including packed lunches : We also begin this tour of the cozy Vråby Plantation. We ride around the prilen and follow the water to Lakolk beach, from where we ride up lakolk strandby and take a lunch break. We follow Småfolksvej and ride into a field and onto the fire belt. From here we enter Kirkeby Plantation, where the tour goes along fun, winding forest paths and moorland.

Saturday 03/04

  • Mandø full-day tour including packed lunches : Final times are agreed the evening in advance. We pack the equipment, load the horses and drive in common to Vester Vedsted. From here, the Wadden Sea is ridden again-easy to Mandø by the 7 km Ebbevej. We ride north around the island along the marshes to Mandø Town past the storm surge column. After that, we'll ride through the city and south around the island. We ride along the and across the island and back home along Ebbevejen.

Sunday 04/04

  • Check out
  • Children ( 4 - 11 ) 20% off

Easter Equestrian Camp

Also for the whole family, also completely inexperienced

  • 3 days / 2 nights including half board and riding program
  • Arrival Friday, 10:30 a 26.3, Monday, 29.3, Friday, 2.4

1 day Day of Arrival

17.30 afternoon coffee and cake in the courtyard of the equestrian centre – tour, presentation of the Icelandic horse in the equestrian hall. Listen to the tactful thug.

2 days

Morning 1 hour classes at oval court/equestrian hall 

Afternoon - 2 hours in the plantation

3 days

Morning - 2 hours Sea sand

If you want a longer trip, the additional price is paid.

  • When families ride on separate levels - we split up along the way and meet during the break.
  • Possibility of extension and stay and book extra riding.
  • You may want to check out after the ride 

An exciting active holidays with lots of nature and fresh air.

Easter Equestrian Camp

Option with 1 extra night

Easter Equestrian Package

(Excluding hotel stays)

  • 1 hour teaching at oval court/equestrian hall – by our new coach Danish Lars Skovsende
  • 2 hours in the plantation
  • 2 hours Sea sand