Private education

Do you want to hon your riding, or learn how to get the moth completely in place? We offer private lessons at all levels in Icelandic riding. We make sure you get the right horse for what you want to train.

Prices per person

  • 45 min./ 1 person DKK 495,-
  • 45 min./2-4 people DKK 350,-

Family Thaw lessons - 1 hour

We meet in the stable, where we have made the best thrfs ready. 2 riders share a horse. We start with a demonstration and explanation.

Then team 1 rides. The other team must now be referees and assess the horse's beating. Each rider gets 2 times riding.

If you manage the thaw, the guide greets you with a tølt diploma.
The guide also takes pictures of you during the pool training on the track.

However, this training requires that you have been on a horse before and master the reins at least.

Thaw teaching - 3.5 hours

Come to the wee lessons at Rømø including pictures and thrush batch.

Riders get their horses ready. Each rider has their own horse. The guides show you how to saddle the Icelandic horses. We watch a themenced video and hear the sheer tact.
Then, tølt-demonstration and teaching on the oval course. With pedagogical tools teach the right thrd riding. Then 1 hour in nature where we all train in different tempi. The instructions can be in English. 

When you manage the beat clear tølt, you are rewarded with a thrdled batch.  The guide also takes pictures of you during the training session on the pitch.

This tour is for intermediate riders.  The tølt is in focus – there is no gallop on the tour. 

  • Price per person DKK 450,-