Easter Programme 2021 - Week 13

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Oyster pickingannounced later8 p.m.10:30 a.m.11:30 a.m.
Black Sunannounced later6:30 p.m.
Amber Tour and Dark Beachannounced later9 p.m.
Egg hunt 6:30 p.m.4.30pm
Sønderjysk Banko (outdoor)8 p.m.
Communal song on the terrace8 p.m.
Oyster shell paint17:00 v. Saloon17:00 v. Saloon

Changes to the activity program. may occur due to bad weather, too few entries. There must be at least 8 entries the day before.  Prices for the activities can be found on each content page. 

Beach, plantation, Mandø or oval court

During the Easter holidays we have 4-5 different tours every day on different levels. We also offer family lessons in the equestrian hall or on the oval track. If you don't have control of the moth yet, we'll be happy to help you. Here in corona time, experienced can ride themselves and inexperienced get on very small teams. See the program in our calendar. If we don't have the trip we want, please let us know.

Horse-drawn carriage

Blacky and Samba are happy to take a nice ride in the plantation. You can also be a yourself.
Horse-drawn carriage

Egg hunting in the forest

We meet at the reception from where we go to the camping area and the egg/beer hunt for children and adults will start!
Egg hunt

Black Sun

Black sun is one of nature's most marvelous phenomena, with huge flocks of starlings dancing ballet in the sky before they calm down for the night. The phenomenon can be seen in several places in the wading sea area, but the largest flocks can be found in Tøndermarsken, where the starlings have joint accommodation in the large reed forests along Vidåen.
Black Sun

Oyster picking
(and cooking)

In the backyard we pick oysters with the guide. The hotel provide a nice dressing and we taste of individual with a glass of bubbles. Here under the corona, a small thermo with semi-finished products and recipes is then provided so that you can easily prepare your own oysters in the apartment or cottage. (separately)
Oyster pick

Oyster shell paint

Separately we paint on shells on our own terraces/balcony. We hand out a small package of paint and sketches. The instructor stands outside and has contact with everyone on their own balcony via. Microphone. For events, you have to bring your own shells, which can be picked up in our backyard. Make sure these are clean and dry for the event.
oyster painting

Amber or chocolate eggs

Everyone drives their own car to the beach. We'll take the lead. Separately, we walk along the coast with the brought amber lights. In the large binoculars we look at the sky and enjoy the hot chocolate possibly with rum. The Easter Bunny also visited the beach earlier and left some chocolate eggs for the greedy!
Amber Walk

"The Commander & Kaskelotten" a lovely E-bike experience on Rømø

Either on our own or with our guide, we ride a 29km cycle route around the island. we have hot cacao with and some cake.

Sønderjysk banko, common song m.m.

Outside we have music facilities and a small bonfire. From the terrace or balcony where you live you can follow our various activities. Banko on Sønderjysk, communal song and maybe a few individual Rømø stories. So remember very warm clothes, possibly blankets. It's so nice outside.
Evening activities