Wadden Sea - Kommandørgården's backyard

Oyster tour
NPV Rømø beach - photo NPV

Take a walking trip to the Wadden Sea at low tide with our Wadden Sea professors.

Learn about plants and life in the Wadden Sea and enjoy the opportunity to find your own oysters.

There is also the possibility of an extended Wadden Sea/Oyster tour, where you will then, together with the guide, prepare the oysters you have harvested. See calendar in the link below. However, if you are a group, it is also possible to request a trip on other dates.

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North sea

The winning photos in the 2014 national parks photo competition. Held in connection with national park day in mag 2014.

Northern Europe's widest beach

2 min drive from Kommandørgården you will find the southern beach, from here you can see over to the neighboring island of Sylt and the ferry that brings guests between the 2 islands. It's a little less crowded in high season, but a popular swimming spot if you're looking for something a little more intimate. Cars can't drive down to the water, so you'll have to walk the last 100 meters yourself. This beach is also popular for windsurfers etc. From the hotel you can rent a beach sailboat, which we will instruct you in, after which you can fly over the beach. If you join us on a Horseback Riding tour, a Sea Sand tour is also a great way to experience the beautiful beach.

Lakolk beach
You'll find 5 min from our hotel, here you can drive all the way out to the water, a delicious bathing destination, here is also a lifeguard in high season. It is also very popular to picnic up in the dunes. 

If you want to experience both beaches on horseback, you can take part in a Rømø half-day tour as a trained rider. Ask more at reception.